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Relic Pizza Peel

Relic Pizza Peel

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The perfect size peel.

Equipped with a large enough surface to accommodate bigger pies, this traditional Neapolitan tool is a major key in making your pizza cooking experience more authentic.

Easy oven transitions.

Designed with a hand-chamfered lip for easy pizza-to-surface transitions


Even though these peels have our stamp of approval, they are professionally crafted by our friends at The Baker's Board in Appleton, WI.

Upgrade your kitchen.

If you’re whipping up pizza on the regular, you’ll know the difference a pizza peel will make in your kitchen.

  • Simplicity for the win.

    Nothing is quite as clean as all-natural wood. Sanded & smooth so that you can't help but want to use it when you're making pizza.

  • Handy tool.

    Protect your hands from the hot oven and look cool doing it.

  • Other uses.

    Ping pong. Yard sale signs. Hitting burglurs. It doesn't have to stop at pizzas.

Product Details

• Weight (approximate): 3 lbs

• Total Length = 36"

• Paddle Length = 16"

• Paddle Width = 14"

• Materials: Basswood / Cherry Wood

International customers please email if you would like to purchase so that we can locate optimum shipping rates for you.

What customers are saying...

  • -Ron S.

    "I built a custom grill table with Trexler and I was concerned about the heat from the Weber Kettle so I purchased the Relic Grill Mount and it works fantastic. I really get the heat cranking up high when using the Santa Maria attachment and the Relic Grill Ring does not let that heat transfer to my grill table."


  • -Wyatt

    "Almost had a patio fire with my old grill table set up and now with the grill mount no issues at all. Local company so shipping was here in no time! Very interested to see what they come up with next."


  • -Robert J.

    "Amazing products. Have never found any materials on any brick oven I've owned that can compare to the beauty and function of TNSDs. Highly Recommend."


  • -Thomas R.

    "Extremely high quality. Super happy with the performance of this stone. Anxious to get my hands on an oven."


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