TNSD is committed to expanding and improving our outreach programs in a way that aligns consistently with our goals, encourages regular involvement, and utilizes resources in the most efficient way. Just as we strive to push the boundaries of ovens and materials, we strive to implement meaningful and new ways to participate in the larger world community – however small our part. We participate with the following programs:


At TNSD, we know the value of training in the applied sciences and the trades. It’s our focus and essential to our future success. But beyond that, we believe the erosion of the applied sciences and the trades is a serious problem today. We are proud to support education that creates a workforce forged and challenged as much in the workshop as they are in the classroom.

TNSD supports The Tennessee College of Applied Technology right here in Tennessee, a school the focus to provide students with the most up-to-date, comprehensive technical training available.”

We call Tennessee home, and Tennessee wouldn’t be the same without its rich natural and historic heritage. That’s why we support Tennessee State Parks in their efforts to preserve that heritage by helping residents discover all our home state has to offer. In the future, we look forward to sharing the experience our products create in our favorite parks across Tennessee. Our products are made by hand by Tennessee natives, so it only makes sense that our products would be shared with all people in Tennessee (whether you’re here on vacation or here to stay).
“From the cypress swamps of the Mississippi River at Meeman-Shelby Forest to the rugged ridge tops and waterfalls of Fall Creek Falls to the majestic mountains of Roan Mountain we look forward to seeing you.” We look forward to working with and supporting Tennessee State Parks in the near future and we hope you can also be part of this support network.


Personal Improvement/Pay it Forward

TNSD participates in #RiceAndBeanWednesdays – a weekly dedication to eating better, living simply and helping others.




By replacing meals for one day with simpler fare of rice and beans and donating what you would have spent on food that day (typically $10-25) to a person in need through Kiva’s lending service, you will be making a real difference in people’s lives. Kiva works to bring people everywhere in the world opportunities through loans from people like you. Join us to spread hope.

At TNSD we are avid cooks and healthy eaters, but we know not everyone has the same opportunities to get fresh, healthy food. We support several groups here in Nashville that offer a variety of nutritional meals and ingredients to people living in areas that do not have much access to food marketplaces. These food deserts are becoming common to see in many areas of developing cities. Local community beneficiaries like the Nashville Mobile Market, and the Nashville Food Project, Nashville Grown, and the Harvest Food Bank are taking action to end citywide hunger, malnutrition, and health literacy.

Farmers and entrepreneurs are the world’s largest workforce in terms of volume – but they often don’t have easy or any access to normal-interest loans to grow their business, only loan sharks and crooks. It is one of the largest problems limiting a path out of poverty worldwide.

Kiva provides an alternative for a wide range of self-starters to acquire capital by connecting them with international lenders. Kiva very simply let’s you lend small amounts of money to those in emerging economies around the world. A small investment can make a big impact on the future of others by lending through Kiva, and we are proud to have an active lending team, participating for over 2 years – we have seen our loans paid back regularly by hardworking people – a win win situation.

We welcome you to join our lending team below!



Kiva Lending Team: RiceAndBeansWednesdays

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